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The Catholic Community of St. Francis Xavier, Hunt Valley, Maryland
Building a culture of love and life in the face of a culture of utility and death

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  1. Spiritualopportunities to bless and strengthen a culture of life at CCSFX
    1. Weekly pro-life entry in Prayer of the Faithful covering all life themes
    2. Rosary -
      1. Committee commitment to pray Rosary daily
      2. Increase participation in the Chapel Rosary on Sunday mornings at 10:45 A.M.
      3. Promote Our Lady of Fatima Public Square Mass & Rosary on Saturday 10/16/10
    3. Eucharistic Adoration & Benediction in October with culture of life intentions
    4. GOL Day of Recollection in spring 2011 (25 people)
  2. Education to teach and build the Culture of Life at CCSFX and in the wider community
    1. Renewed promotion and expansion of Theology of the Body programs
      1. 1 hr. new format Introduction programs in June, September 2010 & March 20118 week Intro courses June/July 2010, Sept/Oct 2010, March/April 2011Into the Heart course September to December 2010
    2. Bulletin entry each week on all pro-life subjects including Gabriel & Rachel Projects
    3. Sponsor Priest to speak on GOL at all October Respect Life weekend Masses
    4. Pro-life themes on gathering space bulletin board in October, January and May
    5. Web site promotion in weekly bulletins
    6. Order pamphlets & bumper stickers
    7. GOL meetings with Faith Formation, Middle and High school leaders
  3. Direct Action programs to support and promote the Culture of Life.
    1. Legislative:
      1. January 2011 D.C. March for Life;
      2. February 2011 Archdiocesan Annapolis Lobby Night;
      3. March 2011 Annapolis Mass & March;
      4. Support MD Catholic Conference letter and e-mail campaigns to legislators.
    2. January 2011 Complete Spiritual Adoption Program including Baby Shower for Pregnancy Center North outreach to women in crisis pregnancies
    3. Increase participation in 40 Days For Life program pre-elections & during Lent
    4. Promote and support other prayerful pro-life witnessing opportunities
      1. Good Friday Stations of The Cross at St. Alphonsus Church
      2. Belair Road location
      3. Life chain efforts when dates and locations become known
    5. Continue to increase contacts and activities with other parish pro-life groups

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