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The Gospel of Life Committee is proud to again host seminars on Theology of the Body (TOB) this Fall at the Catholic Community of St. Francis Xavier. This year, we are conducting two separate seminars that will feature DVD workshops of two of the most sought out speakers on the subject of what many are saying is " the work that will make Pope John Paul II recognized as a Doctor of our Church", that is, JP2's Theology of the Body. You need no background on the subject of TOB to enjoy and benefit from these seminars. TOB dares to delve and answer fundamental questions deep within each human heart: , "Is there a real purpose in life and if so what is it?", "How do we live a life that brings true happiness?", "Why were we created male and female?" This is just the beginning of the questions you will receive answers to as you travel on the road of TOB.


Katrina Zeno

Katrina Zeno is the Co-Founder of WTTM, Women of the Third Millennium. She is the Author of The Body Reveals God and also Every Woman's Journey. She is published in Our Sunday Visitor, Catholic Faith and Family, plus many other weekly and monthly Catholic magazines. Her seminar is called "Scuba Diving with JP2" with a focus on diving deep into JP2's messages in TOB. Zeno also conducted a 2 day seminar on the same subject earlier this year at St. Ursula's where over 125 people attended from 9 different local Parishes.

Christopher West

Christopher West's introductory TOB seminar is well known at CCSFX with close to 400 Parish members having participated in the past 6 years that we have been running this series. It is hard today not to link JP2's TOB with the work that West has done. West has delivered over 1000 talks on this subject in 4 Continents since 1994.


Scuba Diving with John Paul II by Katrina ZenoTuesday, September 28th from 7-9 PM7 consecutive Tuesday evenings.
Introduction to Theology of the Body by Christopher WestThursday, September 30th from 9-11 AM8 consecutive Thursday mornings.

To register

Contact Rob Bart, Jr. at (410) 963-2001 or Email rbart46@gmail.com.


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